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Class One: Begin your Spiritual Journey with the

                 Energy vibrates, it’s ever-flowing.  The spiritual realm

                 is energy and vibrates at a higher level of energy then

                we do here on earth.  The Angels communicate with you
                in a way that is uniquely yours.  In this class, you have

                  an understanding of how we are all connected, and it

                  will give you an understanding of the many ways the

                                Angels can communicate with you.

                  It is an introduction to divination tools and how they

                 can help strengthen your own gifts, while helping you

                    to raise your vibration, and connect, to receive the

                    divine guidance they want you to hear.  This is an
                   excellent class to those just beginning to understand

                       they are connected and starting their Spiritual


                   Class includes video, PDF documents, exercises, and
                                            meditation. Cost $25
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